Everything You Want to Know About Heaven Set

Everything You Want to Know About Heaven Set

God's Word is full of detailed information about heaven, if we only know where to look.

Dr. David Jeremiah wants you to understand this pivotal peice of God’s plan for your life. In his new book and teaching series, he uncovers answers to your pressing questions about heaven, showing you how what you believe about heaven today affects every part of your faith and Christian life.

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About Dr. David Jeremiah

Dr. David Jeremiah

Dr. David Jeremiah is the founder of Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries and senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California. (United States)

Reclaiming the Lost Art of Biblical Meditation

Reclaiming the Lost Art of Biblical Meditation

Far removed from current notions of meditation that stem from Eastern or New Age religions, Reclaiming the Lost Art of Biblical Meditation examines the biblcal roots of meditaiton. Discover how you can benefit from this simple but profound spiritual discipline.

Includes bonus DVD message from the author, Robert Morgan!

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Is This the End? Audio CD or Video DVD

The Life of David Set

We’ve all had to face battles in our lives—including jealous friends, and unexpected temptations. David experienced public successes, but they often seemed to be followed by personal mistakes. He knew both exhilaration and discouragement, victory and defeat. Yet throughout it all, he maintained a heart for God.

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Is There A Heaven?

Is There A Heaven? - Learn More

For centuries people have asked: “Is death the end?” Find out what the Bible says in this free resource from Dr. David Jeremiah

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Airship Genesis - Summer Blast

Airship Genesis - Summer Blast

Brand new audio adventures featuring the Genesis Exploration Squad. Join in the fun as the crew discovers the importance of the Bible in their own lives

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Hope For Today

Hope For Today

The 2017 Daily Devotional from Dr. David Jeremiah

Within this devotional book are 365 inspiring daily devotions for the coming year. Take a moment each day for a dose of hope. Meditate on the Word and thank God that you have Hope for Today through Jesus Christ!

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Available at DavidJeremiah.org

More great resources from David Jeremiah, visit our U.S. website DavidJeremiah.org

For more great resources from David Jeremiah visit our U.S. website at DavidJeremiah.org

Available resources include:

The Jeremiah Study Bible

Airship Genesis Kids Study Bible

Dr. Jeremiah's latest book, Is This the End?

Hope for Today, 365-day devotional

and much more...

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