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Steps We've Taken

Steps We've Taken

Stepping Into

Stepping Into


A Personal Word From Dr. Jeremiah


Gateways to the Gospel Engaging the World


Ways to Pray & Support Turning Point

Engaging the World, Keeping the Faith, Reaching the Lost

Turning Point’s mission is to deliver the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world. You know these words as Turning Point’s mission—one in which you share and play an essential part through prayer and giving.

But today, I want you to think of them in another way—as a race you and I are running together!

This race of faith includes a wide range of platforms such as radio, television, print, and online all designed to serve as gateways to the Gospel. These are the starting lines for those who are lost and hurting, and points of refreshment for believers.

Every interaction and every moment you've spent with us fuels our collective effort to spread hope and faith globally. As we celebrate these connections, we are deeply grateful for your ongoing support and prayers for continued success in touching lives and spreading the Good News through daily ministering to the world together.

Keeping the faith requires energy, time, and treasure, but it is an investment in the lives of millions worldwide.

Let's keep the faith and run this race together!

-David Jeremiah

Dr. David Jeremiah
Engaging the World with the Word at no cost to them.

Turning Point's Gateways to the Gospel

These are the gateways to the Gospel that Turning Point creates to provide as many people as possible as many opportunities as possible to engage with God’s Word at no cost to them. Life presents enough obstacles to keeping the faith. We don’t want anyone to have to pay to access the Gospel, or for cost to be a hindrance to experiencing the timeless teaching of God’s Word.

Your faithfulness to pray and give makes it possible to produce and provide each and every piece of Bible Strong content you see here.

gateways to the gospel

Turning Point's Gateways to the Gospel

Turning Point Radio

Turning Point Television

Turning Points Magazine


Turning Point Mobile App

World Outreach in 15 Languages

Digital Downloads

Small Group & Church Outreach Kits

Social Media


Your Greatest Turning Point

Live Events

Why the Nativity? Film

Airship Genesis


Home for Christmas Channel

Keeping the Faith, Reaching the Lost

At Great Cost to Turning Point

There’s a lot that goes into running a race—and it might shock you to see all that goes on behind the scenes at Turning Point as we run intent on victory at the finish line! Although we provide all gateways to the Gospel at no cost...that doesn’t mean there isn’t a cost. This is what it costs to fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith at Turning Point.

Turning Point Television


  • Time: 6 months of production time per television series
  • Team Size: 20+ employees
  • Reach: Weekend TV: 1.4 Million households per week. Weekday TV: 330,000 households per weekday.
  • Annual Cost: $25.6 Million
Turning Point Radio


  • Time: 5 months per series
  • Team Size: 10+ employees
  • Reach: 1.5 Million listeners per week
  • Annual Cost: $9.8 Million
Turning Point Magazine


  • Time: 5 months per issue
  • Team Size: Along with Dr. Jeremiah, 7+ writers, editors, & graphic artist
  • Reach: 540,000 households per month
  • Annual Cost: $4 Million
Turning Point Digital


  • Time: 3 months of preparation per online month
  • Team Size: 15+ employees
  • Reach: 54 Million souls
  • Annual Cost: $7.7 Million

Engaging the Next Generation...

At No Cost to Them

Our gateways to the Gospel include being here for the next generation and creating new content for them, too. And they watch, listen, click, follow, and engage in totally new and different ways! We’ve found people connect over their video game consoles, our website, streaming, and digital platforms. Our team is constantly researching new technology, creating, and producing content to reach this hurting and disjointed generation for Christ where they are! Here’s our reach on a few popular devices.


Views: 15,204,092

Watch Time (hours): 4,160,419

Amazon FireTV

Views: 5,561,443

Watch Time (hours): 1,335,558


Views: 1,185,819

Watch Time (hours): 344,195

Apple TV

Views: 651,629

Watch Time (hours): 180,730

Nintendo Switch

Views: 299,727

Watch Time (hours): 103,970

Language & International Reach

Your Faithfulness is Changing Lives!

The world needs God's Word now more than ever. Thanks to your faithful partnership, Turning Point is able to reach those who are hurting and disconnected, offering them hope and truth.

Every gift makes a difference, empowering us to connect with people across the globe, sharing the life-changing message of the Gospel.

Thank you for running this race with us. Your generosity is making a real impact, and we are deeply grateful for your continued support of Turning Point.

Steps We've Taken in 2023

Together, we've made some big strides this year! Here are just a few of the ways our ministry partnership has taught the world to walk with Jesus in the past twelve months:

  • Aired 12 radio series, including Slaying the Giants in Your Life, The Power of Love, and Angels
  • Aired 31 different television series
  • Launched The Great Disappearance worldwide outreach
  • Presented Turning Point Studios’ Perhaps Today! Rapture Pre-Enactment videos
  • Launched the return of Why the Nativity? in four languages
  • Partnered with more than 10,000 churches or small groups in the Rapture Ready church outreach program
  • Ministered monthly to 30,000 Bible Strong Partners
  • Moved into the new Turning Point Media Studio
  • Translated Turning Point programming into French
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