Today's Devotional: Jun. 8

Uniquely Made

Identical twins share many of the same physical traits: hair and eye color, height, facial characteristics, and others. Research suggests that 25 percent of identical twins can be said to be mirror images of one another except in one specific area: Identical twins have different fingerprints.


31-Day Psalms and Proverbs Reader

The Focused Life

The Focused Life: Psalms and Proverbs Reading Plan combines Psalms and Proverbs, and will help you navigate life's storms with God's portable rules for living. Embark on a journey to transform your life with the undeniable wisdom of these enriching texts.

Let God’s Word guide your daily life as you discover advice on working hard, eating and drinking wisely, keeping your temper, guarding your tongue, avoiding unhealthy friendships and immoral living, handling money well, and making good decisions in matters great and small.

Discover for yourself the power of this simple yet impactful book Dr. Jeremiah uses during his own daily quiet time with the Lord.

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The Focused Life
This Is Your Time!

God has put you here now for an Eternal Purpose

This Is Your Time!

This Is Your Time!— a moment of divine opportunity to make a life-changing impact in the world. You have been placed at this moment for an eternal purpose, and together with Turning Point, we believe it's time to meet this moment. Through our unwavering focus on God, His Word, and our shared mission, we've reached millions worldwide, spreading the true message of Christ and bringing hope to countless lives.

Get excited because we are just getting started! With advanced technology and your ongoing support, we're poised to share God's Word like never before. By investing in the Word of God and partnering with Turning Point, the impact you make today will be felt for generations to come!

Join us in meeting this moment by supporting and participating in the divine opportunities underway!

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This Is Your Time! Studio Update

Seizing This God-Given Moment

This Is Your Place

To proclaim the Gospel in the most effective way possible, we are building a media studio here at Turning Point headquarters. This studio will allow us to prepare, preserve, and present the Word of God in ways that were, until recently, unimaginable. Our 4K studio, designed with state-of-the-art technology, ensures Dr. Jeremiah's messages will be able to be produced with the utmost quality for the longest-lasting impact. We have an incredible God-given opportunity to combine Dr. Jeremiah's unparalleled wisdom and teaching with cutting-edge technology, enabling us to reach more people across today's and future generations.

Through your faithful prayer and support, your fingerprints are already all over the studio, but now is the time we invite you to take your place in helping us boldly step into action—leveraging our 40+ years of ministry expertise, revolutionary studio space, and dedicated staff to achieve all that lies ahead.

Explore how you can join and make a lasting personal impact for the Gospel by standing with Turning Point today!

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This Is Your Time! Reaching the World With a Message of Hope

Exciting Expansions After "Why the Nativity?" Success

Reaching the World With a Message of Hope

As the second half of 2023 approaches, we look forward to our upcoming ministry endeavors. After the significant success of "Why the Nativity?"—including 17 million YouTube views and over 100,000 new people reached—we're preparing for an even larger outreach to share the true Christmas message!

While Jesus predicted a world filled with hatred and chaos, He also offers hope and purpose. This fall, we'll partner together to broadcast this hopeful message to a world in need. More details are sure to come in the weeks ahead.

Discover all the ways for you to join our excitement and commit to prayer as we work towards healing, salvation, and rededication for believers worldwide. Let's unite and declare, "This is our time!" and experience God's transformative work together.

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This Is Your Time! Bible Conference


Two-Day Prophecy Event

Dr. David Jeremiah is preparing to host his first-ever worldwide Bible prophecy livestream. On October 6 and 7, we will be in South Carolina, presenting two days of Bible Strong teaching in an incredible new format. This first-of-its-kind Bible prophecy event will be hosted both in-person and on a live stream, so no matter your location, you’ll be able to join us for these incredible two days of inspiration and encouragement.

It’s all part of our plans to reach more people—and make a greater eternal impact—than ever before in our history! And we have no plans to slow down any time soon!

Expect more details as fall approaches—you won’t want to miss this special event!

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Challenge Fund - Double the Impact of Your Gift

Meeting the Moment, Together

Double The Impact Of Your Gift

Our ministry together through Turning Point is blessed and thriving. Many are being encouraged—and thousands are coming to know Christ as Savior. Please help us to finish our fiscal year strong by giving a generous gift of support today.

This is your time; it’s our time, too. We must meet this moment and move forward—to expand our reach to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, before our Lord’s return.

Thanks to the generous support of friends of the ministry of Turning Point, we have been given an enormous $1.1 million challenge. This is the perfect moment to see your generosity go TWICE as far to make a real difference for eternity.

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The Convenience You Need, the Content You Want

Access the Turning Point App On Your TV With Roku

Every message from Dr. Jeremiah is aired across the world on Turning Point Television, on our ministry website, and in our official mobile phone app. But did you know…Turning Point Television is also available absolutely free on Roku? No subscription of any kind required! If you have internet access and a Roku Device (or a smart TV), you can watch Dr. Jeremiah’s broadcasts absolutely free.

Think of it this way…Our Roku App does the DVRing for you! No need to make sure Turning Point is recording because our Roku App makes it available instantly, for free.

Watch Turning Point from your TV on YOUR time, when YOU want to watch it!

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Access the Turning Point App On Your TV With Roku
Through the Lens of Scripture

Interpreting the News of the Day

Through the Lens of Scripture

Christian Legacy Planning Organizer - Download Your Free Guide Today

Christian Legacy Planning Organizer

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Where Do We Go From Here?

How Tomorrow's Prophecies Foreshadow Today's Problems

Where Do We Go From Here?

Discover how future prophetic events are already casting their shadow across today’s world and culture, leading to many of the problems we are witnessing right outside our doors.

Where Do We Go From Here? is different from any prophecy book that Dr. Jeremiah has written previously. In each of his ten chapters, Dr. Jeremiah explores a prophecy that is playing out in part or in full, linking biblical prophecy with current trends. As you read, you’ll discover what exactly is going on, how each topic impacts your life, and—most importantly—what you are to do as a believer and how to navigate each troubling sign playing out in today’s world.

Let Dr. Jeremiah be your guide, Bible teacher, and pastor as you thread your way through problems that Jesus predicted—precursors of the Tribulation—and learn how to do the next right thing.

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Now Available in Large Print

The Jeremiah Study Bible

The Jeremiah Study Bible focuses on three simple things: “What does the Bible say, what does it mean, and what does it mean for you?” Comprehensive in scope yet easy to understand, The Jeremiah Study Bible is a 2,200+ page, one-of-a-kind study tool that includes unique introductions to each book, 10,000 individual study notes, more than 55 full-page articles, and much more!

Now exclusively available, you can request The Focused Life share pack together with The Jeremiah Study Bible—a powerful study combination that is sure to enhance your daily quiet time with the Lord.

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The Jeremiah Study Bible
The Tender Warrior: The Life of David

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The Tender Warrior: The Life of David

Discover the captivating life of David, a story that speaks to the hearts of men and women alike, as we can all recognize ourselves in his trials and tribulations. Each of us has faced monumental challenges, envious peers, and unforeseen temptations. David experienced public triumphs, but they were often followed by personal missteps. He was no stranger to both elation and despair, victory and failure, yet he remained devoted to God.

Join Dr. Jeremiah and embark on a journey through these enlightening lessons, where you will delve into David's victory over Goliath and examine the price he paid for his achievements. We will uncover the way he interacted with others, scrutinize his mistakes, and investigate his darkest hours. David, much like us, was an ordinary man propelled into an extraordinary circumstance. Once a humble shepherd, he was summoned by God to ascend the throne as king of Israel. David was the epitome of a gentle warrior, and this study of his life will inspire us to view our own battles in a fresh, new light.

Available now to listen on:

Powerful. Biblical. Inspirational. Practical.

Face the Future With Fearlessness

Are you feeling paralyzed by fear of the unknown, anxious about tomorrow, disappointed by a shattered dream, or unfulfilled spiritually? Satan would love to prevent you from realizing your God-powered potential.

If you want to rise from your rut, conquer your circumstances, face the future with fearlessness, define your dreams, and muster up motivation, then Forward is for you. This inspiring teaching series by Dr. Jeremiah is available now on:

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Face the Future With Fearlessness
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Defined Purpose

From This Point Forward by Dr. Jeremiah

Defined Purpose

An old farmer had harbored a secret desire for years to be an evangelist. One day, taking a break from his plowing under a shade tree, he looked into the sky and thought he saw the clouds forming the letters P and C. “It’s a sign from the Lord,” he concluded. He left his crops and went out to “Preach Christ.” But his preaching skills were not as refined as his farming skills, and he saw little response to his ministry. After hearing one of the farmer’s sermons, a friend who knew about the cloud story came alongside him and said, “Are you sure God wasn’t saying ‘Plant Corn’?”

Discovering God’s will and calling at a personal level can be challenging. Yet Scripture gives us every reason to believe that God has specific tasks for each of us to do for Him.

Embracing and pursuing our God-given purpose can provide clarity, focus, and an unstoppable determination to excel. Dive into the Bible's teachings on divine calling and the importance of recognizing and nurturing our unique God-given talents for a life of fulfillment and impact in the Kingdom of God.

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New from Dr. David Jeremiah

Start Streaming TurningPoint+

Celebrate over 40 years of Bible-Strong teaching with TurningPoint+, your ultimate streaming destination. Immerse yourself in a vast library of audio and video content—a treasure trove of more than 1,000 hours of teaching—all available at your fingertips on your favorite devices.

Explore popular series like Prayer—The Great Adventure by Dr. David Jeremiah, which takes a step-by-step approach through the Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13), the same prayer taught by Jesus to His disciples. With gentle, practical guidance, Dr. Jeremiah shares his own story of learning to pray out of desperation, inspiring you to find the same urgency and intimacy in every stage of your glorious walk with God.

From riveting teachings to soul-stirring messages, TurningPoint+ offers a world of access to timeless biblical wisdom. Unlock the power of prayer and delve into other compelling series when you start streaming TurningPoint+ today!

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The Jesus You May Not Know

This study is not a recounting of Jesus’ earthly life and ministry. It is not about what Jesus did. Dr. David Jeremiah takes you on an amazing journey into the very heart of Christ—not through a storybook of His life, but through an astonishing exploration of His character, His attributes, His spirit.

Did you know...

  • Jesus can be found in the Old Testament!
  • Jesus actively seeks us!
  • Jesus is praying for you!
  • Jesus said we will do greater works than He did!
  • Jesus desires to work through you today!
  • Jesus is preparing for a second resurrection!
  • Jesus is living in the past, present, and future!

None of us know Him as fully as we should, for Jesus is the mystery of the ages. Take the journey to knowing the full depth of Jesus with Dr. Jeremiah.

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The Jesus You May Not Know
Turning Point’s Holy Land Tour

Israel Tour 2024

Turning Point's Holy Land Tour

Have you ever wanted to travel to the Holy Land? Make plans now to join Dr. and Mrs. Jeremiah on a tour to Israel in March of 2024.

Opening your Bible in the land where it was written will transform your relationship with God. This will be a time of powerful teaching with Dr. Jeremiah and worship at significant biblical sites including the Jordan River Valley, The Dead Sea and the region of Galilee. Imagine the impact on your faith!

For more information about this unique opportunity follow the link below.

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Do You Know God...Really? - Become a Christian Today

Do You Know God...Really?

Become a Christian Today

We Want to Hear From You! - Share Your Story

We Want to Hear From You!

Share Your Story

Join Us For an Inspirational Vacation - Travel With Turning Point

Join Us For an Inspirational Vacation

Travel With Turning Point

Christian Legacy Planning Organizer


Christian Legacy Planning Organizer

We all enjoy planning for our family vacations and getaways with loved ones. However, how many of us spend more time planning a vacation than we do planning for the future? Probably most of us. Why? Because planning for a vacation is fun, exciting, and brimming with anticipation. Planning for our future seems to be a bit different since it can involve fear, confusion, and uncertainty. But, if you plan for your future legacy in an organized way, it can be just as simple as planning for that wonderful vacation that is so exciting. You just need to get started, and we want to help.

Begin the process of making plans that last by downloading your copy of Turning Point’s free Christian Legacy Planning Organizer.

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New From Airship Genesis

Invasion of Rocket Cove

Rocket Cove is under attack! When a mysterious ship appears over the Genesis Exploration Squad’s hometown, the people of Rocket Cove are thrown into a panic. What is this mysterious ship? Who is piloting it? And what do they want?

When this invading ship starts moving around the town, affecting its residents in strange—and hilarious—ways, the questions only multiply. And just when the squad thinks the worst is over, a giant robot appears! It is up to the Genesis Exploration Squad to solve the mystery and move forward without fear against The Invasion of Rocket Cove.

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Invasion of Rocket Cove

From Dr. David Jeremiah

Tour the Land of the Bible with Dr. David Jeremiah

After leading several trips to the land of the Bible, Israel has become one of my favorite places on earth. Donna and I are excited to return for another Turning Point Israel tour, March 19-29, 2019.

We’ll visit historical places like:

  • Gethsemane
  • The Sea of Galilee
  • The Mount of Beatitudes
  • And more

I’ll guide you through these sacred sites and others, teaching God’s Word as we retrace our Savior’s steps. Imagine seeing the same landscape Jesus saw, being baptized in the Jordan River, or singing at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem.

These life experiences will change you forever.

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Tour the Land of the Bible with Dr. David Jeremiah


Delivering the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world.

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