Today's Devotional: Dec. 6

It Begins With the Mind

It was a nineteenth-century Englishman, Charles Colton, who left us this oft-quoted aphorism: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” While flattery is not a biblical goal, wisdom and success are. And the apostle Paul knew that young Christians could gain wisdom quickly by having good models: the apostles (Philippians 4:9) and Christ Himself (Philippians 2:5).


The 2020 Turning Point Devotional

Daily in His Presence

If we do not recharge our spiritual batteries by walking with the Lord every day, we will find ourselves drained, weak, ineffective, and prone to temptation, discouragement, and sin. We need to spend time daily in Jesus’ presence. As we do, God will help us grow in His love and power.

In the new year, take a few moments each day to pause—to shift your focus from everything that’s going on in the world and connect your heart with the heart of Jesus. Let Dr. Jeremiah share Scripture and a few words of wisdom with you every day of the new year through the new Turning Point devotional.

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Daily in His Presence 2020 Turning Point Devotional

Goal: 2,020 Gifts by December 20


Help us finish the Year Strong

Could you be one of the 2,020?

At Turning Point, we count it a privilege to open God’s Word with you each and every day. But we long to reach even farther with the Gospel in the coming year. There are places where people can’t connect with Jesus easily—many of whom have asked us to offer resources in their language.

Can we reach them next year?

We are praying that the Lord will lead 2,020 people to give $220 each, to help us finish this year strong and launch our ministry together in the year 2020. Could you be one of them?

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Thirty Days to Everything You Need Experience Guide

Standard shipping deadline: December 10 at 4 PM (PST)

Are you ordering Christmas gifts?

25 Days of Christmas is back! Got fruitcake?

25 Days of Christmas is back!

Got fruitcake?

Prepare your heart to celebrate the Savior - 25 Ways of Christmas

Prepare your heart to celebrate the Savior

25 Ways of Christmas

More than 40 Full-Color Charts, Maps, and Illustrations

Rose Chronological Guide to the Bible

Genesis describes the beginning of time and Revelation describes the end, but did you know that the books in between are not in sequential order? Explore biblical history in a fresh new way with this chronological, visual resource. See how God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ has unfolded through time—how it fits into God’s big story from Creation to the End Times.

Spiral bound for ease of use, this reproducible guide will enhance your Sunday school, homeschool, small group, or individual Bible study.

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Rose Chronological Guide to the Bible
Join Us in Fulfilling Our Mission

Together... We can spread the Gospel

Join Us in Fulfilling Our Mission

God has given us a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to deliver the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world. By His grace, and with your strong support, we are accomplishing this! But as a ministry, we simply cannot do all that God has called us to do without partners who are committed to making a difference in the kingdom of God. That is why we are thrilled to offer the services of planned giving advisors who can help you connect your legacy to our mission while planning for your family’s needs.

Find out more about how you can support Turning Point through IRA qualified charitable distributions, stocks, donor advised funds, bequests, and more.

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Free Magazine Download

Are You Longing for a Better Tomorrow?

Our world is weary from tension and worry. But two thousand years ago, God sent an endless supply of peace, joy, and hope to the town of Bethlehem. The Baby Jesus brought a new beginning for Bethlehem—and for you! Awaken to a fresh start by celebrating the Prince of Peace who offers redemption, grace, forgiveness, and eternal life.

The December issue of Turning Points Magazine and Devotional offers a thrill of hope by examining the story behind O Holy Night and the Savior it celebrates. Download your complimentary copy today.

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Free Magazine Download - Are You Longing for a Better Tomorrow?
Currently on weekday TV: Count It All Joy - Watch Now!

Currently on weekday TV: Count It All Joy

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As heard on radio: What Do You Think?

As heard on radio: Our mind determines who we become, so...

What Do You Think?

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Turning Point's Exclusive 2020 Calendar

In 2020, make it your personal quest to find God’s perspective by seeking to know His purpose for your life each day. With this unique fourteen-month calendar, follow the BIble reading plan for the year as you seek His guidance, pursue His calling, search for His vision, and worship Him in all His majesty and beauty, praising Him for who He is—for He is, Clearly ... God.

This inspiring calendar makes an excellent gift. Request a copy or a five-pack today!

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The Exclusive 2020 Turning Point Calendar
It's Time to See God Clearly.

December 1 - 7

25 Days & Ways of Christmas

Will you stand with Turning Point in focused prayer between now and Christmas? Let’s pray and work and believe together, asking God to move in us and through us as never before.

Another way to reach people during the Christmas season! May the frivolity of Jan & Dan, Gus & Gladys, Phil & Phyllis, Buzz & Blanche, Dwayne & Peanut, and Sky & Meadow—and the sacred Reason for the Season—attract eyes and hearts to our website, YouTube, and social media this week. Our “25 Days & Ways of Christmas” reaches out to those who might otherwise not connect with ministry during the holidays. Some have even come to know Christ as they found Turning Point's ministry presence online. Please ask God's blessings on this seasonal endeavor.

Pray With Us

God Has Given you a Toolkit for Confident Christian Living

It's Time to Unpack Everything You Need

When you think about the future, how do you feel?

You might be surprised to know that God has already given you everything you need to live a life of confidence in His promises—everything you need for today and every tomorrow. He never intended for you to stumble your way through life and certainly not journey unprepared into your future. Isn’t it about time you became surefooted in your faith?

Let God’s exceedingly great and precious promises light the path that leads your way. Let them be a bridge to cross life’s deepest divides. The Rock you hold on to. A Light when darkness falls. The Star that guides your way. And the strength you need when you can’t take another step. Discover the 8 essential steps to a life of confidence in the promises of God.

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Everything You Need

From Dr. David Jeremiah

Tour the Land of the Bible with Dr. David Jeremiah

After leading several trips to the land of the Bible, Israel has become one of my favorite places on earth. Donna and I are excited to return for another Turning Point Israel tour, March 19-29, 2019.

We’ll visit historical places like:

  • Gethsemane
  • The Sea of Galilee
  • The Mount of Beatitudes
  • And more

I’ll guide you through these sacred sites and others, teaching God’s Word as we retrace our Savior’s steps. Imagine seeing the same landscape Jesus saw, being baptized in the Jordan River, or singing at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem.

These life experiences will change you forever.

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Tour the Land of the Bible with Dr. David Jeremiah
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Simple steps to a personal relationship with God - How to Become a Christian

Simple steps to a personal relationship with God

How to Become a Christian

Turning Point's 2020 Caribbean Cruise

Join us for an inspirational vacation

Travel With Turning Point


Delivering the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world.

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