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Questioning Your Faith

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Online Exclusive: From This Point Forward

Who Knew? Looking Back at a Path of Faith

Even as a child, Cathy had an entrepreneurial streak. He (yes, he) opened a Coca-Cola stand when he was eight and soon began selling magazines door to door. He started a paper route and won awards for recruiting customers. As a young man he returned from World War II to join his brother, Ben, in opening an Atlanta eatery....

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What? When? Why? Where? How? It All Starts With a Question

When the Queen of Sheba traveled to Jerusalem to visit King Solomon, “she came to test him with hard questions…. So Solomon answered all her questions; there was nothing so difficult for the king that he could not explain it to her” (1 Kings 10:1-3). We all have hard questions. Life is full of them....

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This Month's Magazine Resource

Answers to Questions About the Bible

Filled with answers to common questions, Answers to Questions About the Bible makes a perfect companion for your study time. For a limited time, it is available for a gift of any amount in support of Turning Point’s ministry.

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Today's Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

The laws of physics say that two different objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. We could also say that God and Satan cannot occupy the same place at the same time....

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