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Looking for God

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I Didn't See That Coming

Put yourself in the sandals of an Egyptian television reporter around 1446 B.C. (I know—just play along.) All of Egypt has been a-buzz in recent days about the unheard of plagues afflicting the inhabitants of the land—all the inhabitants except the Hebrew slaves....

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Looking for God in the Most Obvious Places

“Do you have a table with a view?” Have you ever asked that? Millions of travelers seek out the best seats in restaurants because of the views—a Pacific sunset, the Eiffel Tower, a city skyline, a lakeside table....

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This Month's Magazine Resource

Colors of Creation 2021 Calendar

Colors of Creation will remind you to take time every day to remember who God is...to celebrate the magnificence of His creation and matchless power with stunning imagery that captures the detail of earth’s beauty.

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Today's Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

God chose to clad the earth in green. Genesis 1:30 talks about the “green herb[s]” and Deuteronomy 12:2 speaks of the “green tree[s]....

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