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Discover a Happiness That Circumstances Cannot Change

Dr. David Jeremiah's practical, inspiring study of Philippians

Count It All Joy Ministry Resource Set Count It All Joy Ministry Resource Set

You don't have to wait for joy to find you.

Here’s the secret of joy-filled people: They don’t wait for anyone or anything to bring them joy. They immerse themselves in the joy of relationship with Jesus Christ—right now!

In this rich exploration of Philippians—which mentions “joy” five times­ and “rejoice” eleven times—you will:

  • Discover practical ways to live a joyful life
  • Learn how worship leads to delight
  • Find a sense of peace about even an uncertain future
  • Embrace forgiveness when others have wronged you
  • Enjoy community, unity, and harmony even in difficult situations!

You can experience a joy that NEVER ENDS ... in the truths of Count It All Joy!

The peace of God acts as a guard or sentinel at the door of the heart and mind to provide security. The word the apostle used is garrison. Paul was promising that when we pray and think and do as God has instructed, then His peace becomes the guard that is stationed at the door of our hearts and minds. This peace-guard keeps anxiety away from us. It is this guarding of the heart and mind that provides the Christian with a decided edge when it comes to dealing with the pressures of the day.

Count It All Joy, p. 235

Featuring 12 opportunities for joy:

The Joy of Community

The Christian life lived in community, characterized by joy, with love as its highest goal

The Joy of Adversity

Good things can come from hard times

The Joy of Integrity

Guided by four priorities, we can claim victory

The Joy of Unity

We come together in Christ, with His servant attitude

The Joy of Responsibility

How to discipline your own moral character

The Joy of Ministry

Three keys enable us to impact our world (one of them will surprise you!)

The Joy of Humility

How to rejoice in Christ, not in who you are and what you’ve done

The Joy of Victory

Here’s what it takes to get there

The Joy of Maturity

Four keys to your personal spiritual growth

The Joy of Harmony

How to make a difference in the body of Christ

The Joy of Security

Surrender anxiety through prayer

The Joy of Serenity

You, like the apostle Paul, can learn contentment

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Experience a joy that never ends through Count It All Joy, David Jeremiah’s inspiring yet practical study of Philippians.

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